10 Features of Shopify

Features of Shopify Plus that Increase your Online Sales

When choosing an E-commerce platform, the retailers and online merchants have a lot of concerns which are beyond customer acquisition and revenue. The E-commerce platform problems which are mostly faced by every retailer are SEO, scalability, security, customer retention, conversion optimization and more.

Rapid Growth of Shopify    
Before getting into the best features of Shopify Plus, let’s see the rapid growth of the platform. Shopify had 42,000 merchants in the year 2012 which increased to 3,77,500 from 175 countries in the year 2016. At present, there are more than 5,00,000 merchants worldwide using the combination of Shopify and Shopify Plus.
Shopify Plus is a cloud-based enterprise solution which was long-awaited and can be compared to the high-volume merchant platforms like Magento and Salesforce. It is the most suitable for companies whose E-commerce stores are ever-growing. In 2016, Shopify Plus has been awarded as the Best E-commerce software by Finances Online because of it’s out of the box features for effortless user management and installations.
Remarkable Features of Shopify Plus Which Makes it the Best

  1. Multiple Stores:

Shopify Plus is the most suitable platform if the retailer is selling products to diversified international markets. The multiple store function of Shopify Plus enables the merchant to have up to 10 stores at no extra cost. This helps in handling the site of different regions with multiple languages, currencies, locations and more.

  1. Scalability:

Instead of focusing and stressing on the website, Shopify Plus enable the retailers to focus on the needs of the growing business. Shopify Plus can process 8000 orders per store in a minute with its unlimited bandwidth. It comes with an adaptable cloud-hosted software which makes the flash sales and variable checkouts easy to manage.

  1. Increased Traffic Capacity:

The launchpad tool with Shopify Plus makes you worry-free regarding the flash sale. The launchpad empower the retailers to create, schedule and automate everything required to run a special event or flash sale. The merchant can create complex scripts easily like offering gifts with any purchase, automating the manual tasks like modifying prices of the product during campaigns. The merchant can even see the unfolding of the campaign with the event dashboard.

  1. Wholesale Management:

If the retailer or merchant is also interested in selling wholesale, then the Shopify Plus wholesale channel got it covered. It enables the merchant to expand in the wholesale sector with a different storefront as an extension of the online store. With this channel, the merchant can streamline the operation and invoicing process with the flexibility to work with the customers of all sizes.

  1. Store Customization:

Shopify has ready-to-use themes which can be customized to fulfil your business needs. Shopify Plus has taken the store customization to a whole new level. The checkout experience of the store can be customized with CSS and JavaScript enabling to consolidate the techniques of conversion optimization. This fulfils the need for large stores to have something unique.

  1. Cutting-edge Security:

Shopify Plus gives Level 1 PCI DSS compliance across the platform, transferring the burden of security on Shopify. The merchant will also gt committed SSL certificates for the whole shopper experience.

  1. Apps and Integrations:

With more than 1500 verified apps, Shopify is known for its all-inclusive marketplace for apps. These apps and integration can aid the merchants in Inventory management, Marketing and promotions, accounting, customer service, B2B and wholesale customers and more. The advanced API limit of Shopify Plus can effortlessly connect accounting, CRM and multi-channel software with the store without worrying about reaching the API limit.

  1. Shopify Scripts:

The Shopify Scripts enable you to modify the way merchants can interact with the shoppers at checkout. With the use of Shopify Plus Scripts, the merchant can analyse minimum limit of discounts, tiered pricing like buy one get one free, bundling of product, target important customers, attract and retain new customers and market quick sales.

  1. Automated Workflows and Campaigns:

With the use of Shopify Flow, your precious time can be saved which was being wasted in doing the basic tasks manually. The merchant can create fully customized back-end workflows, making the business more efficient and organized. With triggers, actions and conditions, an automatic workflow can be set up.

  1. Dedicated Success Manager:

Each merchant taking up Shopify Plus is given a success manager which is present to ensure a smooth and successful launch of the store. They also help you with basic Shopify enquiries and make familiar with the tools used to boost the sales like payment gateways, apps, checkout pages and more.
The merchants of Shopify Plus get all the advantages of a hosted platform with the SaaS approach to E-commerce. Shopify has taken all the time to introduce a fully scalable platform giving large merchants and enterprises all the resources and room to grow.
Based on Shopify E-commerce platforms, we develop and deploy sophisticated online stores using both Shopify and Shopify Plus. Additionally, AKEANS is adept at creating custom Shopify applications to accommodate the client’s needs. Connect with us today to learn more about our Shopify development and support services, or to further explore Shopify Plus pricing. Write to us at support@akeans.com.

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