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Targeting your Audience using Facebook ads

See why small businesses choose Facebook ads.

Meet your customers where they come to connect.

People connect on Facebook and Instagram every day. Your small business ads can show up as people are exploring what they’re interested in, so making a connection with your business is easy.

80% greater discovery

for new brands or products on Facebook than on brand or retailer websites.

Reach the people who want to hear from you.

You decide who sees your Facebook or Instagram ad. Narrow down your ad’s audience by interests, gender or location and use ad targeting to find the people most likely to click.

Find a budget that works for your business.

We recommend a budget based on ads like yours, so you feel informed when you decide what to spend. You can also start, stop and pause your ads anytime, so you’re always in control.

Over 10 million businesses

have used Facebook advertising, the majority of which are small to medium-sized businesses.

Learn from your ad’s performance.

Every time you run an ad, you can see how many people reacted to, commented on, shared and clicked on it. Use those insights to improve your future ad campaigns.

Real businesses are seeing real results.

Boost your online sales.

The Farmer’s Dog saw a 57% increase in their online sales with their new ad strategy, which added a “Shop Now” button to drive traffic directly to their website’s order page.

“Facebook has been a core growth driver for The Farmer’s Dog,” said Hannah Theurer, Acquisition Manager at The Farmers Dog.

Score more bookings for your business.

AIRE Ancient Baths, a spa that thrives on online bookings, saw 3x more US sales when they focused on inspired creative and Custom Audiences of people who interacted with AIRE.

The new approach “allowed us to identify what our clients really appreciate when it comes to services and experience,” said Armando Prados Fortes, Director of Strategy and Business Development for AIRE Ancient Baths.

Get more messages from your customers.

Lalo saw a 3x higher conversion rate when they switched to ads that click to Messenger, which enabled them to provide a customized shopping experience for their customers.

“Messenger gave us an opportunity to better connect with our customers,” said Michael Whender, President & CMO of Lalo.

Bring more people into your store.

The Grooming Company saw a 45% increase in customers with their new campaign strategy, which involved identifying relevant customers, targeted ads that encouraged calls to the salon, and optimizing for in-store visits.

“The Grooming Company has found Facebook ads to be the right tool for increasing offline sales in their salons,” said Darek Golebiowski, Facebook Ads Specialist.


Note : Source is from Facebook.com

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