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WordPress Development Agency

Frustrated with crap services provided by inexperienced developers? Hire Professional WordPress Developers from AKEANS, a top-trusted WordPress development company providing 100% quality-driven web solutions & services to businesses. As the best WordPress developer company in North Carolina , we have helped many businesses turn their ideas into reality through quality web development services. With a team of 50+ members, we are consistently working to meet every client’s unique requirement for powerful websites.
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    WordPress Services

    At Akeans, we offer complete WordPress services for our clients from standard site builds to custom themes and plugin integration. As a leading WordPress development agency, we are committed to ensuring our clients have their very own unique website that makes a lasting impression on their customers whilst being user-friendly.

    Our Services

    Custom WordPress Theme Development

    You can leverage our expertise to define the performance and design of your website. At Akeans will do custom WordPress themes that offer full control over the design, functionality and performance of your website with no compromises.

    Custom Plugin Development & Integrations

    Our certified experts can work with you to install plugins best-suited to your needs or custom-develop plugins for your site. Whether you are a start-up, small business owner, or a large enterprise – Akeans accommodates a single roof for multiple WordPress Plugin development needs.

    With years of practice and developing custom WordPress plugins- our team of Custom WordPress Developers will perform with true methodologies for custom WordPress Plugins Development.

    Custom WordPress eCommerce Development

    We will help you develop a site that utilizes WordPress’s most powerful eCommerce functions with Building and scaling beautiful WordPress websites takes a keen eye for detail and technical experience.

    We evaluate your WordPress requirements in design, technical configuration, SEO, and any other business requirements then Our teams deliver efficient WordPress development services.  we design, and develop incredible WordPress websites using the latest standards in security, PCI-compliance, and functionality; for both the safety of the customer, and the security of the company.

    WordPress Migration Service

    Want to migrate your store to WordPress? Our trusted team is here to help make sure your data is transferred securely.

    We can migrate specific parts of a website. Select plugins, themes, WordPress files, or tables before you start the WordPress migration. We will automatically rewrite the database and config files during the migration process.


    WordPress Site Speed Optimization

    A highly responsive site guarantees better user engagement. We can help optimize your site load speed. we don’t just do some basic optimization like installing caching plugins or image optimization. You can already do these yourself. Instead, we use proprietary tools to tackle issues flagged by Google PageSpeed. Such issues include “Remove Unused JS“, “Remove Unused CSS“, “Critical CSS” and “Remove Render-blocking Resources“.And they don’t call us “WordPress Speed Fanatic” for no reason. we even developed our own WordPress plugins just because there are no reliable plugins on the market that would deal with “Unused CSS”.

    WooCommerce Solutions
    Akeans offer a range of WooCommerce website design and development services. We develop a functional shop, so it scales with your business. From selling one product to thousands, your WooCommerce site will handle it — and your customers will love it too. We also offer WooCommerce support services backed by a team of  WordPress experts. All of our WooCommerce sites come included with a secure connection to ensure your customer’s credentials and payments are safe and encrypted and fully functioning store within a professional website, alongside an integrated blog — presented together seamlessly in one place, thanks to WooCommerce platform.
    Remove Malware

    Malware can affect the speed, performance, and security of your site. Let our experts help remove any malicious files from your site.

    WordPress, being one of the largest website-building and blogging platforms in the world, makes security its number one priority. WordPress staff is constantly updating the CMS and the plugins integrated into it to make sure the platform stays trustworthy.

    WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

    If you want to take a sizable number of WordPress tasks off your plate, consider signing up for  our WordPress maintenance and support services.

    WordPress Advantages

    Fast, Easy , Affordable and Cost-Effective Web Development

    WordPress developers make their products as straightforward and accessible as possible to a wide user audience, eliminating the complexities of analogs used in Joomla and Drupal.

    Coding skills and knowledge of programming languages are not needed to launch a website on WordPress. The platform offers an extensive selection of plugins, widgets and design templates, to help you create your entire online platform with ready-made modules that can be customized.

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